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Shopify has become one of the largest ecommerce solutions, more than 1 million shops are using shopify for the online business. Unlike mageto or other open source shopify don’t have any database which we can change or add additional fields, shopify uses a unique way of handling the additional data called Metafields.

Metafields are the most important part of the shopify. If you need new functions which require you to store additional data to Shopify only solution is to use the metafields.

Metafields are Easy to use but the problem is if you are going to use the metafield then you probably need to install a Shopify app, some of the app are free some of them are partially free which mean if you are going to store image URL, Date, Json object using the metafield then you need to pay additional fee for the app.

By using this app also if you want to edit the data in all the products or pages then you need to go to each product and edit the data. This is quite time consuming and requires additional efforts. To overcome these problems Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor was used.

Using Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor we can add/edit a Metafields for product, variant, collection, page, blog article. If you want to edit a single product or list of products or all the products in the store Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor helps you to do that.

The Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor uses the Shopify native bulk editor feature and Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor will not be storing any of your data so it is more secure and easy to use.

The best part is it is free and would not require any Third party app. This blog clearly explains the way to use Shopify Metafields Bulk Editor and the features of the same.

Metafield Type:

Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor allow us to edit 5 types of metafields. Each one provides you with a unique way of adding the data to your metafield.

1. String

String is a normal text editor allow us to add URL, text, html, description and date ect.,

2. Number

Number type metafield allow us to enter number only. Only float and integer values can be provided in the field.

3. Money

Money field will allow us to add an amount to the record. Money field will be displayed with the currency and a field to add an amount.

4. Boolean

Boolean field helps us to enable/disable the functionality or the banners from storefront. Boolean field allow us to add true/false value to the metafield in the editor.

5. Select

To add multiple values to the same field Select metafield will be used where options will be listed in the dropdown.

For Select type we need to provide the options with the option label and option value.

Metafield Components:

Following are the list of four metafield components.

Namespace: Namespaces will be used to group different metafields.

Key: Keys will be used to reference our information.

Value: Values will hold all the unique contented information.

Steps to use the Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor:

  • Enter your store name in the Store Name field. Ex:  
  • Enter the namespace of your metafield in the Namespace field.
  • Enter the key of your metafield in Key Field
  • Choose where you want to use the metafield in product, variant, collection, page, blog article.
  • Choose the type of the metafield string, number, money, boolean, select. If you Choose the select then you need to provide the option for the select.
  • Then there is an Id section if you want to edit specify entities like single product then you need to enter the  Id for specify product, by default if you don’t specify the id then it will show all the product in you store.
  • Then click Open Editor.

Paste the admin URL

There is one shortcut you can use to fill up the form easily. Just Copy the admin URL of the Product or collection etc Paste the URL in the Store Name Field, the it will automatically choose the Resource and if the URL has specify Id then it will add the specific Id to the list of ids.


Thank you for reading this. I hope this helps you with your day to day task. Please checkout our Editor Shopify Metafield Bulk Editor. If you have any doubts please Contact us

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