About D2Decors

D2Decors is a wedding and birthday party decor located in Chennai. They have been providing decoration services for more than 5 year. They are specialised in reception stage decoration.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Logo Designing
  • Visiting Card Design


  • Shopify




  • D2decors never has a website for the business.
  • They don’t have any Social Network percent.
  • The brand logo also was outdated
  • For the above reasons they need total revamp of their brand

Made for code joins D2decors

D2dcors ask our help to revamp and create a brand new look for them.

  • We are started with the logo, since the logo will symbolize the brand. We are started with a worm color with some lights design the logo come out very well.
  • Then we focus on the website design, we choose the color scheme based on the logo color. Made for code and the D2decor are joined to create a website content. 
  • We have include the Whatsapp chat and Phone Call functionality to the website
  • Finally we are designed their visiting card with the new revamped design

We are very glad with the final output and our client was very happy with their new brand redesign.