Whatsapp Enquiry


Help your customer to know more about your Product

Whatsapp Enquiry helps customers to chat with the store owner or a salesperson about the specific product regarding the product detail or price detail or any discount for specific product directly from Whatsapp.


Create a personal relationship with customer

Creating a personal relationship with a customer may play a crucial role in your business especially for a newly growing business. Using a Whatsapp Enquiry you can able to create a way to engage more with your customer.

Browser and App support

This app works with Web Whatsapp(browser), Android and iPhone seamlessly 


Product page and Collection page integration

You can able to integrate the Whatsapp Enquiry Button in the Product Page and Collection Page of your Store. Customer can able to message directly from Whatsapp by just clicking the button.

Number and Message

Integrating Whatsapp Enquiry won’t require much work all you need is your Mobile Number which has the Whatsapp Account.

You are able to prefill the customer message from the Whatsapp Enquiry App, when the customer clicks the Whatsapp Enquiry button it will go to Whatsapp Messenger with you Phone Number and the Message all Pre-filled. Your customer just wants to hit send.

Product Title & SKU

The product title and SKU will change for every product, for that we are providing 2 dynamic values [product-title] and [product-sku]. These value will be replaced with the actual product name and SKU.

Button Design

Whatsapp Enquiry provides options to customize you button color, background color, button label and button Icon. using these you can able to customize the Whatsapp Enquiry button to blend with you shop theme design.

Key Features

  • Easy Setup
  • Enable customer to send a message directly from the product or listing page
  • Product Title and SKU will update in the message based on the product
  • Whatsapp Enquiry will works in Android, iPhone and Web Whatsapp (browser)
  • Easy to change the mobile number and the message
  • Easy to customize the button label, button color, button background color, button icon